Visionary Marketing Group is not a fit for all producers, however the expertise we bring will make the right partnership with those financial professionals that can take advantage of our strengths a very rewarding and mutually beneficial experience.

Large/Jumbo Case Placement Expertise

We have been fortunate enough in our 17 plus years as a brokerage agency to work on many large cases and have developed an in-depth knowledge of the jumbo case marketplace for both young and older age clients. It is extremely important in these cases to understand how the auto-bind, jumbo limit, in-house retention and reinsurance marketplace work. How to package cases, when and where to place the business, and the relationships we have with insurance carriers are all essential factors in ensuring jumbo cases can be completed as efficiently as possible for you and your ultra wealthy clients. Without this knowledge, many jumbo cases have and can be jeopardized if not lost completely.

Dedicated New Business and Marketing Teams

The best way for you to build a long term relationship with your brokerage agency is to work with the same people. We pair you up with a Brokerage Manager and Case Manager. These teams are dedicated to your business and to see to it that you get the attention you deserve. We take pride in our service and would not have grown our organization to where we have without providing that level of service to you our business partners.

24/7 Support

Our team is available to you after hours if needed. Working with producers nationwide, we understand the need for access before or after hours when the need arises. Our website is also designed with the producer in mind. It offers the ability to quote, ask miscellaneous questions, obtain forms and much more 24 hours a day.

Underwriting is a Strength

Our business experience has earned us the clout to have dedicated teams with the insurance carriers that only work on our cases. These teams are comprised of top underwriters, new business case managers which truly make a difference in the offers we obtain. Our underwriting knowledge of impairments, what carriers are stronger in those impairments than others and underwriter relationships are all a decisive advantage to you in getting business placed.

Advanced Market Knowledge and Support

You need a team of informed people to help on your advanced cases. We have developed a network of attorneys, CPA's and others with extensive experience in various advanced markets concepts including premium finance, inter-generational split dollar, private financing, private split dollar and many others. Rely on us for your advanced planning knowledge and support.

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We Can Simplify Your Advanced Planning Strategies

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